Band members 



Johan Mattjus

Lead vocals


Henric Blomqvist 



Sven Wannäs

Hammond organ & Synthesizer


Anders Thors



Roger Snellman




History of Solid Faces 




Band Biography



Solid Faces a Classic Hard Rock band from the region of Jakobstad/Pietarsaari (Pedersöre), Finland. The band was founded some time around January 2006. Back then it was a little bit different mixture of band members (Se the History of Solid Faces).


From year 2008 Solid Faces consist of five musicians, also with a notable change in the lead vocals in July 2010. All members have earlier been playing in various bands in the region of Jakobstad for a long time.


Solid Faces performs with Classic Hard Rock song from great bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake as the main theme.



Johan Mattjus new on lead vocals since July 2010. Johan has a past as lead vocalist in the Melodic Hard Rock band Stormwing and the Melodic Metal band Altaria


Henric Blomqvist have played guitar in various Metal/Hard Rock bands, Metalforce and Nylli Kick’s Ass to name some of them.


Sven Wannäs on Hammond organ and analog synth was erlier the keyboard player in the Melodic Hard Rock band Stormwing.


Anders Thors on bass is more or less the initiator of Solid Faces. Previous bands Anders has been part of are Hammerhead, Rooflifters, Amigos, Doctor Booze and Green.


Roger Snellman has been hitting drums in different Rock/Prog bands during the years but also done Blues sessions. The previous band Roger was part of was Tinder Box, they played mostly Rush covers.



All members in Solid Faces have grown up listening to Classic Hard Rock and really do love the great songs been made, aren’t you also?! If not, you are definitely surfing on the wrong web page. Solid Faces even play songs that so many other cover bands have been plying to death long before but just enjoy them too much and can’t resist doing it.


In no way Solid Faces try to sound exactly as those great classic bands because no one ever could, instead the band members brings their own soul and inspiration into the songs and the result is Solid Faces tribute to Classic Hard Rock.



"Hope you enjoy our performance of Classic Hard Rock as much as we enjoy playing it!"



Solid Faces
Johan, Henric, Sven, Anders and Roger



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