Band members 



Johan Mattjus

Lead vocals


Henric Blomqvist 



Sven Wannäs

Hammond organ & Synthesizer


Anders Thors



Roger Snellman





History of Solid Faces 


Member Biography


Henric Blomqvist

born 1970

Guitar player in Solid Faces.


Personal background:

Started to play guitar in the age of 10 years old inspired by Hendrix, Steve Ray and Frank Marino.

Have also studying classic guitar.




Deep Purple, Frank Marino, Whitesnake, Kansas....

List of bands:
 - Metalforce
 - Nylli Kick's Ass
 - PNW
 - Tinderbox

 - Solid Faces (2006-present)


Gear list:
  -American Deluxe Stratocaster

  -Les Paul Ultra II

  -POD X3 Pro
  -FBV  Pedal
  -G90 Wireless

  -Classic 60/60 Poweramp

  -Cab  1922  2*12

  -TriAmp MK II
  -VC 412


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