Band members 



Johan Mattjus

Lead vocals


Henric Blomqvist 



Sven Wannäs

Hammond organ & Synthesizer


Anders Thors



Roger Snellman





History of Solid Faces 


Member Biography


Roger Snellman
born 1970


Drummer in Solid Faces.


Personal background:

Did get inspired to become a drummer by my older brother.


Have been playing drums since age of 12 years old with some breaks in between.


During the years I have been hitting drums in different Rock/Prog bands but also done Blues sessions.




Listen to all kind of music but main influences are Rush, Dream Theatre, Dave Matthews Band and Toto.


List of bands:

 - Tinder box

 - Solid Faces (2006-present)


Gear list:

- Roland TD-12KV



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