Videos from Klacken 2011 



Live video clips from Klacken, Lillby July 2 2011.



Solid Faces lineup: Heric Blomqvist - guitar, Johan Mattjus - vocals, Roger Snellman - drums, Anders Thors - bass, Sven Wannäs - Hammond.




Solid Faces - Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming, live @ Klacken, Lillby 2011





Solid Faces - Black Night, live @ Klacken, Lillby 2011







... and the evening ended in the sign of humour when PeeroSetzi and Solid Faces did an "Allstar Gang Bang Jam" with the song "Röitsi på vatne" (Smoke on the Water).


Peero Ansikta (PeeroSetzi & Solid Faces) - Röitsi på Vatne, live @ Klacken, Lillby 2011








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